Indeed, International Cargo Movers Inc.’s vision is to become a partner of choice for brokers, suppliers, and e-commerce businesses. While the pandemic hit most of the industries very hard and brought an increase in gas prices (a heavy expense for trucking companies), it also brought about the need to cater for a skyrocketing e-commerce industry. Over the past year, the e-commerce industry has exploded, due to social COVID-related distancing measures leading consumers to shop online rather than in stores. Due to its very nature, e-commerce cannot function without the help of the trucking industry as now consumers purchase goods from every corner of the world via the internet rather than buying locally in stores, which means that improvements in the e-commerce industry will lead to improvements in the trucking industry. International Cargo Movers Inc. intends to capitalize on this. As such, it will position itself as a leading provider of FTL and LTL services in the logistics and supply chain management industries, which will lead to direct and indirect job creations.

To accomplish this goal, International Cargo Movers Inc. intends to acquire 5 trucks by the end of year-2022. In order to achieve this, the company will foster robust relationships with trucking brokers and shippers throughout the United States. Brokers and shippers guarantee reliable freight carrier services to their customers (the shippers) at reasonable cost. International Cargo Movers Inc. therefore aims to become a leading and reliable provider to this network of brokers.


Our objective is to offer logistical services in the U.S. market and have the vision to set up a fleet of 50-100 trucks.

International Cargo Movers Inc.’s vision is to partner with brokers, suppliers, and e-commerce businesses, and manufacturers and to meet the needs of their customers.

The core philosophy of International Cargo Movers Inc. is offering reliable and efficient services at reasonable cost while providing a gratifying working environment for our workforce. By consistently continuing to expand our efforts in the upcoming years, International Cargo Movers Inc. aims to increase our business multifold, which will create demand for staff and directly benefit in creating jobs in the U.S.A Labor Market.

International Cargo Movers Inc.'s business operation will include, senior managers, mid-level managers, and experienced truck drivers and support staff for a total of around 25-30 employees in a three-year period (2022-2025). This progressive increase in the number of employees in the time frame corresponds to the projected business growth and development that will be brought on by:

  • Strong Relationships with Brokers & Suppliers.
  • Cost Effective & Reliable Logistics.
  • Lean Operations.
  • Having Contacts Within Key Markets.

Managerial positions to be filled in the US:

  • Vice President of Business Development
  • Vice President of Operations
  • Marketing Manager
  • Deployment/Logistics Manager
  • Dispatch Manager

The Role of CEO Mr. Ashpal Singh Bhullar for INTERNATIONAL CARGO MOVERS INC.

In order to successfully accomplish the goals of company and to perform executive duties of this position, the suitable candidate requires experience as an executive and a deep understanding of the cargo and logistics industry and our corporate brand to allow International Cargo Movers Inc. to successfully penetrate the U.S market. Given, Mr. Bhullar’s twenty-seven (27) years of professional experience in the field and his strong business acumen that led to the successful development and operation of Indian Oil Carriers in India, we believe that Mr. Bhullar as CEO of International Cargo Movers Inc. is the ideal candidate to initiate execution of initial phases of the business in the United States.

Mr. Bhullar has already started investing into the start-up and development of International Cargo Movers Inc., which will allow the company to immediately hire managers to run operations and drive growth by focusing on marketing, business development and operations as the 3 key target areas of the company. The company currently has a commercial lease in Fresno, California. The company’s objective is to own at least 5 trucks by the end year 2022 of the company’s operation.

About Foreign Entity

The foreign entity, “INDIAN OIL CARRIERS” manage a fleet of 35 trucks which includes 20 owned trucks and 15 attached trucks and is a force to be reckoned with in the Indian sub-continent. The firm is currently involved in transportation of bulk liquid fuel from refineries to airports. During its tenure, the company has been in the business of transporting bulk lubricants, bulk bitumen, bulk edible oil, residual furnace oil and several other petroleum products. The company employs 45 employees ranging from senior and mid-level managers to truckers and support staff, under the able guidance of Mr. Ashpal Singh Bhullar.

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