Type of Trucks to be used: Semi-Truck with Raised Roofs

Type of Trailers to be used: Dry Van, Refrigerated Van, Flat Bed

Types of Goods/Products To Be Catered/Transported

(i) All Types of Dry Products,

(ii) All types of Farm Produce

(iii) All types of Finish Products from Manufacturing Industries

(iv) Meat and Sea foods

Area of Operation

(i) All over in United states

(ii) United States to Canada

(iii) United states to Mexico

Mode of operation

(i) Solo Mode Driving

(ii) Team Mode Driving

International Cargo Movers Inc. was established in 2021 by Mr. Bhullar, an affiliate company of the foreign entity, Indian Oil Carriers (“IOC”), a company active and doing business in New Delhi, India since 1997. Mr. Bhullar owns and controls IOC, which is formed as a sole proprietorship and employs 45 people. In addition, Mr. Bhullar has a 70% controlling interest in International Cargo Movers Inc.

In the United States, International Cargo Movers Inc. aims to establish itself as a market leader, to bridge the gap between superior level of service and affordability; and introduce services that offer reliability and customer centricity at competitive rates for full truckload services (FTL) in the US market.

International Cargo Movers Inc.’s products and services include full truckload carriers (FTL), Less-than-truckload (LTL), and other transportation services. FTL is the ground transportation services dedicated to a single load and customer. FTL services include Dry Vans, which is recommended for delicate loads, and Flatbed, for loads with irregular shapes that need to be loaded by the top or side of the truck. LTL carriers is the transportation of freight that combines shipments for multiple customers in a single truck.

The company plans to on-board five (5) semi-truck with raised roofs before the end of the year and service them with highly trained staff. The company will also hire highly trained personnel in Customer Service and Logistics, to perform the following duties:

Customer Service

  • Calculate freight metrics for planning or consolidation of orders.
  • Convert customer orders to pallet or truck/container orders for improved freight quoting.
  • Quickly compare orders as palletized, dead stacked, or mixed loads to fit business needs.


  • Calculate floor space for less than truckload (LTL) and full truckload (FTL) freights.
  • Plan LTL freights using priority groups, stops, and orders.
  • Allow different loading profiles for different customers.
  • Create loading diagrams with step-by-step instructions.
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Our Service Provided Areas USA, Canada, Mexico